The sentence " Life is a gift of God " is good to hear but very much complicated. Yes indeed life is a gift, moreover the most beautiful and precious gift for each and everyone of us. But the most interesting question that comes in my mind-a gift given by whom ? Is it God or our parents who has given us the gift ? No one can give this answer correctly, not even me.

None of the gifts in this world is free. For example, if you are giving a gift to your friend then you will be either expecting a return gift or a favor in return from him/her. So, life is also not a free gift. If we consider God has given us the gift then what does He want from us ? Again if we think that our parents has given us the gift then what does they really want from us ? Different parents wishes different things from their children. So there is no common want.

The key to all these questions lie in the word " Life ". It is not important to know who has given you the gift. It is your gift and so you must know how to utilize it. Sinceyou don't know who, God or your parents has given you the gift, you don't have to think what they want from you. You and only you must have control in your life and decide what to do with your life. Don't let others control your life and manipulate you. Fix a target, and lead your life to that path to achieve that goal. Don't think of others. Some will force you while others will discourage you. But you have withstand and overcome all this difficulties to achieve your goal. Once you achieve your goal and fulfillyour target, the gift of life will be meaningful to you.

Quotes :

"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why."

~William Barclay