The door bell rang and I opened the door. No one was there but I noticed a strange looking box on the steps. With my mind, filled with doubtfulness my fingers held his hand tight and now we finally took our steps which finally brought us nearer to the stange box. And now with the same doubtfull mind I looked at the box closer, it had a tag in which "The most precious gift in the universe is waiting for you inside" was written. And after reading this phrase curiosity took over our mind. I can't restrict myself from opening the box and I lifted the lid gently. We were frozen and looked each other's face withstunning happiness...

All we were able to see was a men in a highly formal white shirt wearing a specs with thin metallic frame and a women in a formal pattern saree wearing a small pendant in her neck along with her magalsuthra....On the whole the couple were in a perfect professionall attire !

You know what, it was the reflection of us in the mirror which was kept in that box and that most precious gift in the universe was us !!

And that reflection of us put a wide and a confident smile on our face...In addition to that there was a piece of paper which reads "You are the most valuable gift in this whole universe !! Believing that there is no one like you in this earth is the most powerful motivation you could give yourself !! So go in your own and all the best entrepreneurial couple for your conference !!

The day before we were talking nervously about the business conference that we have to face today to our parents and to motivate us our parents have sent this surprise!!

And we were damn sure that nothing could motivate us more than this!! We both felt blessed to have such kind soul in our life !!