No Better Friend Than A Sister👭

Nancy Henry
Jun 28, 2019   •  6 views

According to Desmond Tutu “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them”. There is lots of time we murmured against our own family for many reasons. But no matter what happen they always have a special place in our heart. Without them we are nothing. They are always a precious gift to us from God. How many imperfections our family has, it always stays the perfect one for us. Our childhood memories won’t complete without our siblings. They are the one with whom we share everything from our tears to laughter. We also share lots of memories with them. Most of us don’t realize how blessed we are to have siblings. It’s really nice to have someone to care and love us. Siblings are the one who stand by us even when our parents and friends left us. They are the one who understands us without any brief explanation. All these things create a unique bond between the siblings that is so deep.

True to the quote ‘for there is no friend like a sister in calm and stormy weather’. Our siblings would be our first friend for all of us. Also they are the one person to whom we share a lot of things. They are the one who irritate us to the core but no matter never leaves anyone to hurt you. You can see her devil side when someone hurts you.A person withwhom we fight for every small things from our childhood like for remote, chocolates, to entering the washroom first in the morning, etc. We always have endless fights with them. No matter what happens but our day won’t get complete without fighting with them for any silly reasons.

If you are a younger sister then you are so blessed because your sister’s wardrobe is yours. She may get irritated when we are taking her clothes but it is a really sweet feeling to irritate your sister. She will be your all in all from your caretaker to guide, friend to a teacher, as well as person to do your work. She will be a second mom to understand you more than anyone in the world. She can be the one, whom you can count upon no matter what the situation is. If you don’t have a sibling then I am so sorry for your great loss of happiness in your life. Times changes but our bond with each other stays same no matter how old we get. How much fights we fight our love towards us never get reduce. The bond always remains the same no matter who comes and go in our life. Love you sister😘 you will always the best thing happen in my life.