In this world full of uncertainties, there is only one thing that remains constant – change. Everything around us is bound to change at a certain point of time, be it people, things, nature, feelings or surroundings. It is that natural form of nature which comes in the most unnatural ways. You cannot control it, you cannot avoid it but you can only accept it.

At some times, few changes would be forced upon you without you being prepared for them and you would do everything possible to stop them from happening. But what’s bound to happen will happen, there is no way on earth that you can ignore it. Just know, everything happens for a reason. Such unexpected changes would force you to grow, as an individual.

At other times, you will encounter phases when you will require to change yourself or anything in your surroundings, as soon as possible before the situation gets ugly for you. It is these events that make you realise the world is changing and you need to change too. And the more you come to terms with the fact that ‘Change is always for the better good’, the happier you will be.

However, as easy it may sound to embrace change, it is as difficult to overcome it when you undergo tough incidents in your life that affect you mentally, emotionally and physically. The mind stops working and your inner self loses the motivation to rise again. It ultimately leads to fear, doubt, uncertainty and losing hopes.

Below are certain tips to overcome your fear of change:

·Accept all circumstances
Life has a weird way of testing us by putting us into positions from where there is no running back. All the doors are locked behind you and only one is kept open for you to move forward. By not dealing with the current situations and accept the way they are, is there anything that you will achieve? It will only harm your inner peace, your mind and your thinking towards life. To get over a particular situation, the best way is to accept it, with all grace and move on. Else you’ll be stuck at that point until you realise that others are moving forward without you. Believe that life has a beautiful way of putting the pieces back together and making you reach your destination.

·Nothing lasts forever

Well, you heard me right. Absolutely nothing, be the good times or the bad, are going to stay forever. Everything has an expiry date.

Life is like a book - you have to turn the page to start a new chapter.” One chapter cannot define your entire story. So whenever you fear that something is going to affect you for a lifetime, it won’t until you decide to turn the page around.

·Go beyond your comfort zone
Breaking the boundaries of your comfort zone might hamper your mental peace for a while but it will help you in expanding your horizons in the long run. You only live once, so never miss the opportunity to try something new. Yes, you will be scared at first but who said good things come easy? They take time. Start with making small changes to your existence, like learning a new language or a sport, changing your daily habits, etc. Then you will have the courage to make bigger changes like moving to a new city, going on a solo trip you always planned for, and the list never ends. The experience that you receive may not be as good as you expected but it is bound to make you learn, meet new people and discover yourself.

·Always have a positive outlook towards everything

Remember one thing in life, 'The only way to overcome your failure in one area is to accomplish something else in the other.' Never be afraid to make mistakes, turn them down, learn from them and then make new mistakes. They will help you to grow in a better version of yourself. A person who looks the positive in all his faults, will always attract positive things in his life. A pessimist will be left behind an optimist if he keeps attracting negativity.

·Life is all about changes
Will you have fun if what life throws at you is exactly what you wanted? Will there be any surprises? Will there be any excitement of experiencing something new? Won’t you get bored of doing the same thing every day? I am sure you wouldn’t want all of this. That’s what changes are about. They give life to a human that makes you who you are today. Look for any chance that would benefit you in the future, give you the strength to overcome any circumstance, make you a stronger person and most importantly, add an experience to your life.

"There is pleasure in experiencing situations and reminiscing the memories thereafter."