Want to live regret free? Want to discover yourself? Want to appreciate the solitude? Want to broad your horizons? Probably most of us desires. Travelling is the thing where you can experience all this at a time. For some people it is tiresome and for some it is a passion, which they dream of day and night.

Life itself is an awesome journey. If you don't know why you are travelling maybe you won't even catch the essence of travelling. What most of us do is firstly we focus on studies, After that we devote our time in getting a job, then marriage and then passing through the old age our life comes to an end. But if in the last few hours of our life if we get chance to see the flashbacks, We would see that during the whole life we have worked as a donkey and there would be nothing to be thankful for.

Life is a one time offer why to live it dry?

If we travel the world we’ll come to know that People live harsh realities. We are lucky enough to have a roof over our heads ,a hot meal, people who love us and enrich our life. Only then we’ll start seeing things with a different insight andwe’ll learn to say Thanks .Curiosity is the fuel of life. During our journey ,It lets us discover places off the beaten path .It also helps us reveal who we really are. Through this one can get to know people with different perceptions .Man is a social animal who loves to interact ,travelling provides this wonderful opportunity .It is easier to see beyond the end of your nose when you travel. We have always been self centred , We are rooted in dangerous stereotypes that close our minds to the truth .Travelling helps us to get the insight of different

thinking and even of dynamic culture which breaks our myth.

We give loneliness a negative value.Loneliness is a private dialogue with ourself .If we are away from home we can get in touch with our inner self .It is a sort of rebirth. We get a chance for introspection, which is the need of the hour .We are not like trees who put their roots at a single place.

In the nut shell ,Break your shell, explore the essence of beauty of this planet and make yourself realize that you want to embark on a new adventure and you’ll get the most benefits for yourself.




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