Television Polluting Minds And Society

Himanshi Chawla
May 30, 2019   •  11 views

Television usually called an idiot box has annealed into every household. The reflection of TV can be seen in the personality of almost everybody especially the youngsters and toddlers. The craze for fashion, Obsession for the opposite gender can be seen in the youth. The 24 hours telecasting of programmes gives opportunity to all to remain in touch with the TV all the time. It has also led to the breaking of harmony in families,the rise in the cases of marital discord , increasing cases of divorce. The graph of respect for elders is nose diving.

Soap operas are thecommon feature in every house where female prefer to watch the serials and even subconsciously and inadvertently the characters in the serials become the role models of the viewers. The plot of deception and betrayal can be seen in every serial. What is happening in serials is now taking place in reality. People are taking ideas from serials. It is breaking the common strand of brotherhood in the society.

Children or youngsters try to copy the stunts shown on TV. They are young minds and get easily impressed by them which results in serious injuries, physical disabilities for the whole life and sometimes even death.

There is a need to havecensorship on TV serials like it has on movies. TV programmes need to have certification.

Serials of adults must be controlled by user id and password. They shouldn't be accessible to kids. TV should have government control. It can serve as an important tool of social upliftment.

There are dedicated channels that are telecasting programmes of universities, educational institutes like IGNOU. There are knowledge giving channels like discovery ,history etc. It can help in the awakening of society and mobilising the people for some cause. There are some interesting programmes that relieves the stress of viewers. One can learn a lot from them like listening to inspirational interviews and debates on certain topic.

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