All must have come across many types of Entrepreneurs, but let's discuss some of them:

Types of Entrepreneurs:


Someone interested and curious about entrepreneurship who hasn’t started a business.


Someone who has an idea and is actively working towards or has recently started a business.


A small business owner who has started a business with no intention of growing much past providing jobs/income for that person/family.


Someone who is interested in growing a company quickly. Sometimes growth entrepreneurs are referred to as gazelles as they are distinguished by their ability to double the size of their company either by number of employees or in gross profit every two to four years.


An entrepreneur who has the passion to start one company after another. The serial entrepreneur may start a company, work towards making the company profitable, sell it, then start their next business. Others may start a business, realize they need to close it, then try again.


Someone who is passionate about civic or social causes and works towards starting and growing a non-profit or civic minded organization focused on serving a social sector.


A person who works for a company, but uses entrepreneurial skills to develop new products, services or programs to benefit the employing company.

Next time when you meet someone, be sure what type he/she Is?