Corona- An Opportunity To Enrich Our Life

Sujata Chougule
Mar 24, 2020   •  2 views

Corona and opportunity to enrich our life

Since last 3-4 months, we all have been reading about CORONA virus and now it’s at our doorstep. It’s a small virus but scary one! But fear is not the answer for it.  We have to be careful and must follow government and health ministry instructions.

Every country is in lock down situation. Everyone is locked in their houses. But for me it’s “blessing in disguise”.  I know, you might think, ‘I am stupid’. We are losing our business, world will be facing largest economy crisis in upcoming months and still why it would be a blessing?

Last 2-3 decades belong to technologies and innovations.  Internet, mobile and TV are new addictions.  We forget how to spend quality time with our family. Now days, family responsibilities are limited to fulfill children’s needs, education .There is no time to spend with each other at home; even if we manage to go for holidays once a year. But think about it; is it the definition of family life?  Are we close enough with our children or parents? This is the time, when we can rethink about it.

This lock-down might look like a big punishment. But we can turn this into to enrich our lives;

1-    Try to break your routine chain- there is no hurry to catch up train or office meetings. So utilize this time for yourself.

2-    We can’t go to gym nor outside for exercise so try to do yoga and pranayam at home.

3-    If you think about your daily life, you forget about your own inner self. Try to do meditation, try to search yourself. It will definitely enrich your soul and inner self well being.

4-    Learn new things. Or self discover your hobbies, liking etc.

5-    Read books, which you want to for a long time

6-    Write a diary for yourself.

7-    Spend less time on mobile, TV, laptop, tab. Try to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with family only like an old times. These moments create wonderful memories for your whole life.

       Let’s face this difficult time with more positive energy. May be the Mother Nature is giving one big break to her children to understand and live meaningful life.

    As we don’t know how long we have to wait inside our homes,    let’s utilize this time to increase our strength to fight upcoming   stressful situations.