​Do ​​we really have only one soulmate for a life?

All we hear a saying that marriages are made in heaven. Some people's marriages failed due to enormous reasons. Do all that failed marriages are made in heaven?

In some places, divorce is a big taboo. Though there is a violence in relationship, they suggest the couple to continue for the sake of children and society.

In some cases even the love marriages fail. The soulmate that we chose may be toxic for our life at some point in time. That does mean our love life is completed?

The present-day marital life is completely different from our parents martial life. Our parents used to prefer love over arguments and everything

Today's relationships are more complicated. There are more break-ups. When a relationship is killing you inside you do not need to continue in it. When nothing is left in it to improve, just move on. There is nothing wrong in it. Everyone says that we will find true love at a certain point in time; no one knows when that time will come. When you fail in a relation, Think about what has gone wrong and avoid it in future relationship. No one should suffer in relation. True soulmate is one who sticks with us, trustworthy hold us when everyone left us behind. If you failed to find the soulmate and connected to wrong people, leave the pain that shattered you to the core. Forget everything. Start again the new latter. There is no need to rush for the things. Find a person with whom you need not to pretend, and who heals your scars, who corrects you and believe you, fight for you. When the world is pointing at you yet they still trust you;

In society, everyone is habituated to dig the past of others because they are unhappy. Everyone should live in present. Life should be go on. Some friends become our soulmates. We find solace in them. The bond between two souls is all that matters.

Life is all about ups and downs. It is our choices that make difference. If we choose a wrong person, we will eventually learn that things we need to avoid. If we choose a right person, he will give us the love of mighty ocean. Neither time nor fate decides who will become our soulmate. Our feelings decide everything. The only thing is never stop giving your heart just because you are being hurt by wrong person.