The Bang Of The Big Bang Theory!

Harshita Pandey
Jun 03, 2019   •  28 views

“Knock knock knock Readers, knock knock knock Readers, knock knock knock Readers”

If you have decoded this, then you probably guessed right about what I will be writing. Yes, it’s The Big Bang Theory that recently had its finale, after a long run of twelve years and is widely loved all across the world. I personally love this sitcom. It gives so much of laughter, smiles and at times, leaves the audience teary-eyed.

What I loved the most about this show is it’s storyline centred around how the nerdy characters could make us burst into laughter. The show literally changed people’s perception about geeks and thus, ended up giving us such lovable characters. Yes, it is true that we may hardly get all of their scientific talks. To be honest I even stopped trying to deduce the meaning, but still trust me, it is one hell of a comic journey and I recommend you to watch it if you have not.

Let us talk about one of the beloved characters of the show, Sheldon. People actually find him adorable the way he is even though he was irritating as well as impossible to deal with for the other characters. But think if you really have such a character in real life (Haha!) then would you really find him lovable? He definitely would have been unbearable to live with as he would criticize you every single day, will be devoid of any emotions and would always prove himself to be superior and that is just pathetic, right? So, this is what's so contrasting in the show . Usually if we love a character, we would like to have him/her in our life but here, the case is completely opposite,we would not even like if we are acquainted to a character like him. In simple words, it would really be a challenge to be Penny in real life, not because she was not relatable but because of all the geeks by whom she was surrounded.

The finale that premiered few weeks ago was quite an emotional one where Sheldon acknowledges the importance of friendship and for those of you who have not seen the show, it is a big deal. The characters were unique in their own ways and all seven of them complimented each other so well that the result can be seen in its immense popularity. We all can relate to the fact that each time we end any series that has been with us for a long time, we miss it a lot and surely, I am going to miss The Big Bang Theory a lot.