Music soothes, entertains and refreshes us! If you are in a joyous mood then listen to some rock fast music and dance till you drop, if you are lonely and sad then listen to some slow music that will soothe you, so basically music has been a gift to us that can fit with any of our sentiments.

It is self-explanatory that music has been boon to humanity in every sphere (ignoring the ones who misuse it) and gives us an alter universe for some moments. It all depends on our mood that defines how deeply we connect to a song and if we our emotional phase allows then we actually vibe with a song that triggers our feelings.

Being an Indian, I absolutely love all the meaningful and deep Hindi songs that we have and somewhere keeps us rooted to our prestigious culture. Yes, there are several meaningless songs that totally have no purpose (maybe besides some entertainment) and sometimes while listening to such songs, it feels like cutting our ears off, NOT LITERALLY, but it is very irritating. The various genres of Indian music like romantic, party songs and many others but my most favourite genre that actually has very deep intensity is the songs that are on nationalism. These Hindi patriotic songs connects every Indian to his patriotic feelings somewhere and gives a sense of nationalism because of many beautiful words combined with even more beautiful voice and also can give you chills if you actually can feel the rhythm and depth.

There lies one big problem in the Indian music that started few years back but now has spread wide and this is the problem of remaking and remixing all the beautiful old songs and giving it a modern twist and maybe they are fine to listen to but the problem that exist is the absence of originality. How can one claim a song to be his by just adding some fast music in the old lyrics of a popular old song? This indicates the lack of creativity and highly depending upon yesteryear. I can give you so many examples of a bad remake of a Hindi song and that is why one should stop to defy our precious old songs.

All I want to say is music is an art that needs creativity and if you have the ability then try to provide the world with the work of your magic, use your own skills and do not duplicate it. Music is great in every language, obviously I have not listen to every of them in fact I listen to only English and Hindi ones but each of the songs in every language is beautiful and captivating in its own manner. Thus music is something worth to be grateful for.