Are you a crazy fan of movies? Well certainly, we all are, on some level but are those movies actually giving us something in return, besides few hours of entertainment?

Spending some bucks for the sake of entertaining oneself is not a problem but a movie should never just stick to providing entertainment to its audience. Definitely, we as an audience demand something greater than that, like to learn about the reality of some incident or to just have moral lessons that would leave some impact on us.

Movies are a big part of our lives. Be it Bollywood, Hollywood or any other industry, all of them have successfully built a place in our individual world and, they have a special spot in all of our hearts. There is no doubt that they give us a lot of joy, happiness, laughter and many more things but are we not looking for something deeper than that which could actually be useful in our practical lives? Many of us are finding such things but not exactly getting it. I am not saying that the entertainment business is always devoid of reality or meaningfulness but I think they do not produce enough of such things.

Think about it yourself, is it so easy that the so called hero of the film gets his heroine always and once they get united then there are hardly any problem in their way? Does this always happen in real life? No, right? So, this typical storyline should be stopped and I am glad that the industries are trying different plots and are bringing variation to it. That variation has to be strengthened and vast so that the production of such movies can take over all the movies with old storylines.

There are also many biopics made and with certain elements of twists and turns added that never happened in real life. We all know that these things just give an edge to such movies but there are times that the entire truth is well appreciated by people. The sense of drama is in the reality itself and it can be beautifully portrayed on the screen. So, besides the valuable lesson that a certain person’s life teaches us, we get to have the knowledge of their entire ‘real’ life.

Thus, one must understand that movies are not only a source of amusement but they actually can provide precious knowledge as well as portray reality, if used appropriately.



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Harshita Pandey  •  2y  •  Reply
Thank you Khushi.
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Thanks Manoj!
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Totally agreed. Movies are a way of life and a way of learning while enjoying! You wrote so well.
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Nice One Nice Question Title Do provide me suggestions