Today, it's about you.
You, the great and powerful.
You, the pretty and beautiful.
You know, you are never the summation of your likes on social media, your followers count or your flooded comments section.

You are more than just what people see on the outside.
You're the gleeful smile that lights up a room.
You're the bold voice that stands apart in a crowd.
You're the poetry that you so often write about.
You're the love that made a small child's day beautiful.
You're the pride that the grandpa felt when you respected him.
You're the tears that rolled down when you saw someone suffer.
You're the saviour that helped when a friend was in need.
You're the ears that listened when someone had a lot to say.
You're the love that spread when you wished someone a good day.
You're the strength that moved on after a bad phase in life.
You're the willpower that you take with you to battle the world everyday.
You don't have to be the life of every party. You can slouch on your couch on a Saturday night with a good book and Netflix, and you're still just as wonderful.

You don't have to be the funniest person in the room. You can spend your time crying away a bad memory and it doesn't make you any less stronger.

You don't have to always do everything right. You can learn from the silliest of mistakes and that doesn't make you any less smarter than the others.

You don't need a hundred friends to make you feel important. You can have two people sticking with you through thick and thin and that's all you need to keep life happy.

As a friend once pointed out, it would have taken millions of combinations of your ancestors getting together for you to exist today.

If even one of your ancestors hadn't met, you wouldn't be here reading this today.
So no, you're not a mistake, you didn't just happen to be born in this world, and clearly you're never a failure.

You're made of the same matter that makes up this beautiful world. You have fire within your souls that sparks to light up your brains. You have hearts made of crystals and bones that sparkle with star dust.

You matter.
Not your social media account, not your bank balance, not your academic scores, not your looks, not your relationships, but you!

You as a person, you matter.





Stand Up.

Harshana T
Harshana T

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Praveen Shankar

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Harshana T  •  4y  •  Reply
Thank you :") @kanika Singla @Tiya Singh
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Tiya Singh  •  5y  •  Reply
Nice work- enjoyed reading it! I've written on a similar idea