You could be the one with the wrong answers all the time. You could be the gutsy human in the tough math class screaming all the values that are not even remotely close to the actual answer. You could be the one with the sensible voice who wins arguments based on pure facts. All of you who speak up and let the society know that you have a voice, are the ones who're actually doing a pretty good job of being a citizen in this world.

Right or wrong, opinions always matter. Opinions shape progress. Opinions will give you a voice in a self centered crowd and garner respect and admiration. Plato once said , "Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance" and it stands true till today. Your opinions will tell the world how strong you are in your political and socio economic values. Your opinion might not necessarily be the most knowledgeable one in the crowd but it still matters because you've taken the time to know something that most others didn't know about. See that's the thing about opinions, you cannot make an opinion without knowing what the issue or the agenda is. To understand the agenda, you must have prior knowledge on the subject. The fact that you're even stating an opinion tells the audience that you're well read about the agenda in hand and that is more than enough. Your opinion doesn't really have to fit into the right and wrong category.

Having an opinion is the first step to progress, in a country. Only when opinions are stated, will differences be acknowledged, and only when differences are acknowledged, will we understand all the aspects necessary to solve a problem. Strong opinions shape a strong society and a strong society is the need of the hour.

Your opinion to an issue can be radical or liberal. It can follow either the left, right or centre ideology. It can be based on personal experiences or based on what you've read. At the end of the day, every person in this world is entitled to their opinion. Opinion paves the way for discussions, discussions lead to solutions and finally solutions lead to a non-problematic society.

Opinion to a woman is an absolute necessity because only when you raise your voice in a crowd will you help another woman find her voice as well. Aeons of suppression would've let us know how important it is to speak out against all that we're facing and now when a privileged few have the chance to use our voices, it's a shame if we don't use it right. Let's not be the generation that sits back and watches every thing that's happening around us. Dig deeper, read more and never not have an opinion.



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Sure thank you! @Rakshita Upadhyay
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very well written keep it up! please visit my profile too.