Social media is a powerful tool for both shaping and breaking your lives. Most of us spend many hours a day on social media, some self controlled human beings spend few minutes scrolling through their feed and end their daily dose of social media. Various studies have concluded that social media plays a role in making a person depressed and I cannot agree more. Social media in fact has the tendency to make a human being depressed while increasing their levels of social anxiety.

We all want to look like the picture-perfect human being on social media. We follow a numerous number of public pages from our accounts and most of them are handled by these alleged perfect humans leading dream lives. When we look at people's stories of hangouts on the weekends, we start to feel that staying at home and resting for the day is a dull thing to do. When we look at pretty girls posting perfect vacation selfies, that automatic longing for such a life sets in. Social media can be very misleading when it comes to people's lives. We look at the flood of followers, the causal-yet-pretty selfies, the dream vacations, the branded clothes and accessories and immediately we start feeling inferior to them. We feel we're not leading perfect lives and we long to live a life like theirs. This automatically makes one unhappy and makes them feel depressed.

Social media nowadays is also becoming a platform where random videos and pictures suddenly are becoming trending. Most of the time, social media users do not fact check an information before they pass it on and it leads a lot of people to form the wrong opinion on an issue. The need for authenticity is high because rumours and mouth fed information on social media can immediately reach a huge number of people and almost all of them do not pause to think if the information that they're passing on, is right or wrong.

Every human being seeks validation for anything that they come up with. The rise of social media usage defines validation differently. We are all expected to post pictures of mouth watering food, fashionable mirror selfies, exotic locations, breath taking pictures of nature and these are a few of the things that you will find most people posting on their accounts. I don't mean to say that these are wrong things to do but I feel that these things shouldn't be forced upon a social media user to feel included in the platform.

You have every right to do what you please with your social media account and you don't always have to portray perfect lives on social media. Do not let others validate if your account is good enough or not. Do what makes you happy and never let social media make you feel any inferior than the others.



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