Top 5 Must To Have App For Students

Harjot Kaur Dhillon
Aug 12, 2019   •  28 views

Nowadays there are so many apps to fulfill all your basic needs and requirement whether it may be online shopping, banking, news updates or internship app etc. there are also some app which helps the student in their studies, assignment, exams andhelps them to make their studies easy, fast and accurate and also helps the student to update their knowledge and even help them to prepare for their competitive exams. Each of these app have different uses and serves the needs of a particular group of students as every student from different fields have different needs and requirement school student will have different needs and requirementfrom the needs and requirement of the college student but when we talk about overall students and their needs and requirement five apps that are very important for all the students whether they are from science background, commerce background or humanities background are as follow:

·Oxford dictionaries- Oxford dictionary is one of the most important app that every student must have in his/her mobile phone as it will help the student to search the meaning of any word or phrase without wasting their time in textual dictionary or at any other place.

·Google drive- Google drive is another app that every student must have as it helps the student to store and save there document online and keep their work safe even if their laptop or mobile crashes they can also work offline and collaborate on a document with their friends.


RefME- RefME is another app that every student must have as this app helps the student to create an citation formatted in MLA, USA, or whichever format there school uses and it will use mobile camera to scan the barcode of the book you want.

·Dragon dictation – Dragon dictation is another app that every student must have as in this app you just need to start talking and it will automaticaly convert everything for you in a digital form that can be later paste into other apps or send as an email message even you can save it for later.

·GoConqr– GoConqr is another app that every student must have as it help you to get access to the important resources like Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizz, Slides, Notes, or you can use this app for social learning, to connect with friends,classmates etc..