Top 10 Ways The World Might End.

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When we ask someone how the earth is going to destroy we might hear some possible reasons like earthquake, tsunami or world war. But actually, there are

150 possible reason for it. And the interesting part among this is it might happen after years or tomorrow itself.

Among these here are 10 ways how the earth might end.

And the 10 ways are:

  • Asteroid impact.

  • Ecosystem collapse.

  • Black hole.

  • Aliens.

  • Biotech disaster.

  • Solar storm.

  • Artificial intelligence.

  • Supernova.

  • Nuclear war.

  • Supervolcano.

1. Asteroid impact.

Before the human race, dinosaurs were the dominating species on this earth. Due to an asteroid fall in Mexico, up to 70% of species go extinct. It seems for every 2,50,000 years, an asteroid with a half mile diameter would hit our earth. If an asteroid with 5 miles diameter hit our earth that impact is enough to get destroyed.

2. Ecosystem collapse.

Every year 30,000 species are getting extinct by human activities. Our ecosystem is perfectly balanced by a food chain. If any species which a plays a major role get extinct then the above species will definitely go extinct.

For example, 84% of food crops are produced by pollination of honey bees. And now these honey bees are getting extinct day-by-day. Just imagine honey bees who play a major role get extinct there is a major possibility of food crises and that effect will fall on humans itself.

3. Black hole.

In this entire universe, we nearly have 1 crore black holes. It contains high gravitational force and can consume any giant planet. Any black hole need not come near the earth if it just passes by, it can change our orbit which is in order for some billion years. If our earth moves 4 feet toward the sun then there will be no water left on this planet everything will be evaporated. If our earth moves 4 feet away from the sun then this entire planet may get frozen including us.

If this is like this, big bang theory to know the origin of the universe Large Hadron Collider is getting ready for the experiment. If this fails automatically a black home will generate then we will be the one who creates a black hole.

4. Aliens.

Due to many theories, it is proved that we are not alone in this universe. Many scientists told about aliens too. When we try to stop them when they come to this planet to use our resources due to the advanced technology they can easily destroy us. If they come to be friendly with us, they carry some outer space gems which are resistant to them and can react negatively on us.

5. Biotech disaster.

In the 14th century, a disease called plague killed 1 in every 4 Europeans. In 1918 Influenza killed 2 crore people.

In the last decade diseases like Ebola, HIV, Cholera shook everyone. The problem with us now is due to the over usage of antibiotics gems are improving their resistance power and globalization playing a vital role in spreading them faster. Natural biotech disaster is one hand, on the other hand, few terrorist organisations are trying to develop bioweapons. We might have watched many zombies films and that phenomenon is coming to us very soon.

.6 Solar storm.
Due to the exploding of high-intensity solar flares on the sun a heat wave gets produced and if this wave passes on the solar system we cannot resist that heat. In 2012 this phenomenon took place but the wave didn't pass our solar system. So we are lucky right!

7. Artificial intelligence.

This is the future of this planet. If we calculate the speed of development of our technology in just 30 years of span artificial intelligence will cross our human intelligence. Just imagine if we are surrounded by some dangerously armed robots.

8. Supernova.

If any star on this universe explodes it emits high electromagnetic radiated gamma rays. If this explodes 30 light years far from the earth yet the wave can destroy everything on this planet. This is because radiation destroys the ozone layer and heat can directly reach us.

9. Nuclear war.

On our earth, in just 9 countries there are 15,000 nuclearweapons. Accidentally if any country launches the nuclear weapon in just seconds of time other countries may also release their weapons. Due to this in just minutes of time, our earth will completely be destroyed.

10. Supervolcano.

We have nearly 15,000 volcanoes along them only 4 volcanoes are supervolcanos. These are 1000 times powerful than ordinary volcanoes. If this super volcano explodes in just minutes of time it can kill some thousands of people at a time and the dust produced by this can cover a large area in the atmosphere and stops the sunlight reaching the earth. Without sunlight probably our earth become rotten.

We have one good news and one bad news.
Good news is that this super volcano erupts once 6 lakh years. Among 4 volcanoes 3 volcanos didn't complete its years. The bad news is that yellow stone volcano which is in America has completed 6 lakh 40 thousand years. According to a recent survey, it is stated that the volcanos little more active in these 10 years. So we don't know when it is going erupt.

According to this, we can see that we don't have some specific reason on time when this world is going to die. Just enjoy life. When the time comes to be it any reason we are not going to take anything with us.


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