“Hey indians! Did you know! You live in a country where the sun shines on you in it's full glory for 9 months!At Least appreciate its presence! Would you?”

As we know that these days technology is growing at a rapid rate as we have made progress in various areas.

One of the major areas these days is the solar energy department that is responsible for providing electricity that is generated by conversion of sun's energy and then used by the households, industries or buildings.

It has become a very important mechanism for generation of electricity not only in the rural areas but also urban areas.

While going through the process of development there were certain facts that one doesn't know while getting to know about solar energy. 

  1. The sun converts five million tons of energy every second. This rapid speed made scientists believe the fact that the sun will continue to provide light and heat energy for the next five billion years.

  1. The production of solar energy is easy. Solar cells make it reliable and cheap to convert sunlight directly into electricity and it has been noted in the past years that solar cells provide an ideal power for use in satellites, navigations and water pumps used in rural areas.

  2. Solar energy has many benefits as it doesn't have any fuel cost. Low operating and maintenance cost makes it reliable and easily affordable for every household.

  3. Solar electric systems such as solar panels are easily built and in different sizes according to the location and area. They are well suited for developing countries, rural areas that is lacked behind in generating and getting electricity

  1. India has gained its performance in the generation of solar power since past years. For example thar desert which is one of the biggest desserts has now indias some of the best solar power projects that have an estimate to generate 700-2200GW.

  1. It has been noticed that solar energy generation can alone cater to the needs of around 60-65% for our entire need of power. Solar industry has uplifted the indian society to an immense socio economic growth opportunity.

  1. The ministry of non convection energy resources government of india is going to increase the power capacity and will achieve the target of 100GW by 2022.

  1. About 66MW is installed for various applications in the rural areas, such as in solar lanterns, lightning in the streets and solar water pumps.

  1. Investment made in the solar energy is not only good for households, business, industries but also for the environment by using photovoltaic systems. By using photovoltaic systems one can not only save the humans but also save endangered wildlife too as there won't be any emission of toxic gases in the environment making it a clean and safe environment.

  1. And last but not the least solar energy is the cheapest resource than any other fossil fuel. It won't take a longer time before solar blows away every form of fossil fuel.

Ultimately solar energy has enormous facts but once we know what is best for us then no one can stop us from having it. It is seen to be the best resource of electricity in the past years and will continue to be the best resource because of its credibility to it's users.