There was a kingdom named magdeshu and the king was leading a happy life

King has a son and daughter they are very much humble towards people

In that kingdom a poor family leading there life

God saw there family facing problems and thought to help them by giving some amount of money lead a happy life than poor man daughter said to God we don't need any money with out any work

You provide us any work so that we can earn money to lead you life

God felt happy by leasting that girls word and said her one word if you repeat you wil become a rose tree and you can earn money

In this manner daily she stared earning money

One day the queen called the girl in to kingdom and asked her where are you getting this flowers from. She replied

that she had a rose flower tree in her house

The queen said that girl to bring this flower daily to kingdom

One day king son jeevahar thought to fallow her and know where she is getting flowers from

One fine day he saw her becoming a tree

And went to kingdom and pleased king I will marry that girl .so that I can give a life to poor family

King accept to marry that girl .

One day the king daughter also absorbed her becoming a tree and said with her friends and took her near her friends and once they asked her to change into a tree .she said them not to touch my leafs but after she changing into tree they touched it so she got a dangerous disease after that king daughter alone went into kingdom

After many days jeevahar found her in small village she is not responding to any medical technology so the jeevahar asked her to spell that word so that she can again change into a rose tree

At last she again become a rose tree and happy ending