Best Tree Houses To Stay In India Part 1

Anisha Yadav
Sep 25, 2019   •  13 views

Ever since the development started, tree houses have been a part of our tourism. In India we have a wide range of tree houses in the lap of nature. Some are built with such intricacies that the trees pass through the tree house. These tree houses are surrounded by rivers, valleys, wildlife sanctuaries. And instead of a Mobile alarm, the songs of the birds wake you since the morning, where fro the balcony you can view lush greens as far as the eyes would go.

Below is a list of tree houses in India

1) Hornbill River Resort


Is situated around 125: Km's from Goa. It is in a village called Ambeli in Karnataka. You can book your trip in advance .The rate for one night is 14000 rupees. The resort is situated in between forest and next to Kali river. This is an apt spot for those who love adventure sports and bird watching. There are many activities you can enjoy while in the resort , some of them are kayaking, water rafting, coracle ride and rappelling down the road, tis would be an unfortunate trip of a lifetime for you and your family.

2) Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavagarh, Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh.


The resort consists of five tree houses, amongst the jungle. It feels like you are in some classic Disney movie. The area covers a land of 21 acres, and also many species of animals, birds and as of now it is a secured small park to all of them. You can spend your time in your private room or take a stroll across the wilderness. The designs of the rooms are a mixture of modern art and ancient outlook. The five tree houses are named after the five trees they are built on such as Mahua, Tendu, Palash, Peepal and Banyan. The tree houses are in hundred percent blend with nature. The tree houses have been made by local expertise, local craft knowledge. The rooms are well maintained with 24 hour water supply, living area, mini bar, and a lot more. There's a dinning hall too, which has two parts, one on the ground floor which serves continental and barbeque meals. And the upper ground has bar and lounge. 

3) Tree House Resort - Jaipur


Yes, it's hard to believe, but, Jaipur does have a lot of greenery and luxury to offer through it's Luxury Tree House Resort. The tree house has a great aura to refresh all your senses and it's luxury amidst lush greens. The resort is just an hour away from Jaipur and has a variety of tree houses to offer it's guests. Instead of tree houses they are called luxury nests, deluxe nests and private suits. So go out that extra mile and you'll return with many beautiful memories. If you want to know the price, you can contact them through phone or get the quotes by email as well. The nature is untouched by any kind of pollution and an amazing view of syari valley. 

4) The Machan, Lonavala, Maharashtra.


The Machan is one of the most popular weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. For those who are willing to surrender themselves into the lap of nature. It is one of the major biological reserves among the world. It is ranked 25 in the world hot spots. It has tree houses upto 35 - 45 feet on a tree, from that height the most beautiful views of the forest are visible.

5) Nature's Zone Resort, Munbnar


If you are in South India, it wouldn't be justice to your trip if you didn't visit Munnar. Nature's Zone Resort has built tree houses on tress carefully selected by the tribes. Clouds will touch you as you stand in the balcony of your tree house and you can enjoy the picturesque Kannan Devan Hills. There are lots of adventure activities such as Trekking, rappelling and a lot of fun.