How An Overlook Turns Into A Chance

Syed Parveen
May 09, 2019   •  38 views

Do you remember the words that you acquired from your parents and teachers about the mistakes you made when you were a kid?

Of course, we all do mistakes and they are the ones which creates an opportunity for us to become a better person tomorrow. But if you just apologize and carry on for the mistakes that you made before, you are in danger of imitating the same mistakes.

Learn your mistakes by putting yourself in directions where you can make captivating errors, being assured about making difference and having the esprit to accept them. Make a plan that will help you to avoid doing the similar mistakes as it is very important to spend time for yourself by thinking how to be a superior person in the future.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently - Henry Ford.
A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again - Roy H. Williams.

If you don't learn from your errors, you will deal with unneccessary strain on yourself and on others. Due to this people around you will start to lose trust and faith in you and if this situation goes on, you will begin to lose people in your life.

Rather than blaming others for your own mistakes, take a courage to ask "SORRY" so that the other will remember your courage and would have forgotten the mistake you made. If you don't admit that you've done it then you won't be able to learn anything from it. And you may not get another chance to learn from your mistakes.

Ask yourself to analyze your mistakes

  1. What went wrong?

  2. Why did it go wrong?

  3. When did it go wrong?

Reshape your errors like think what you could do to prevent yourself from doing the same mistake again and again. This will encourage you to grasp about the negative effects of your behaviour so that you would step ahead to change yourself by rectifying the mistakes. Stay motivated and see how you can gain from the situation, here is where you start to grow.

By testing yourself you can

  • improve yourself

  • take responsibility for your actions

  • accept your imperfections

  • laugh at your own mistakes which will reduce the stress & you will rescue faster

  • have a positive self talk where you focus on improving rather than proving you're smart.

In life, Everyone makes mistakes that is normal but how you learn from them makes something different. A mistake will never be solved itself until you face those without escaping from it. It is okay to feel guilty for what you did than hiding it which will destroy your reputation. No matter what type of mistake you made, it has to be accepted and scrutinized to stop it from happening again.



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A mistake will never be solved itself until you face those without escaping from it. I liked this line very much Small Suggestion please highlight some important message in the paragraph with highlighter as it will make more interest for learning