We often have the habit of overthinking about a particular situation that comes up to us. Overthinking leads us to become anxious. If things go well we cannot digest the fact that things have been done so quickly and easily and when things are way too though and we are unable to solve it we complain as to why is it not being solved or why am I in this situation. We are nervous at the thought of any situations coming to us because of our habit of overthinking. That’s what makes us more and more anxious.

“I get nervous about everything. Sometimes I literally don’t know why I am anxious. I just am and no-one seems to understand that.”

Here are the few things you should do when you are anxious.
1)Take deep Breaths- Whenever you face a situation first take a deep breath. Relax yourself and calm down yourself. Stressful minds cannot find a good solution. You need to be patient calm and have a cool head to find out the best possible way out of any situation. When you deep breathe you brain receives a good amount of oxygen when helps to calm you mind and patiently handle the situation.

2)Don’t Overthink- Once you face the situation think twice before acting and once you have acted upon it, stop thinking about the situation wait for the result and accept whatever it is. If you overthink you tend to regret your decision and then it will not let you learn good things and enjoy your moment. All you end up doing is regretting about a thing which now cannot be reversed and changed, you just waste your tie and efforts on it and even don’t enjoy the moment.

3)Share your opinion and ask for others opinion-If you are nervous talk to someone share what you are thinking and ask for their opinion about it. It might help you think differently and you might find things or facts you might have missed out while you are nervous.

4)Find a way to relax- Listen to music, take a nap, read novels, articles, comic books, dance, play an instrument, play some sports or do whatever helps you to feel free and relaxed. This will help you relax and find a better solution of the problem. Sometimes while solving a maths problem, you constantly have been trying it for an hour but still you are unable to find the solution, at the end you get feed up and leave it and the next morning when you try you get the correct solution in just one try.

You just have the try these simple things and it might help you reduce your anxiousness.



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Gunjan Thadani  •  5y  •  Reply
Thank you Shivani didi
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True ..... Good writing....and thinking