The word storm creates a negative idea in our minds, that can cause a feeling of insecurity. In each of our lives there are insecure feelings and storms that blow at us at some point as we Journey.

These storms can be Relationship storms, mental storms, financial storms and even secret storms that only God and you know. Its the hard path to trod, but we as God's children know there's someone who can calm these storms in our lives.

Carrying the name of JESUS in our lives can calm the storm no matter how it looks. The verse in the bible says "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD"- Psalm 46 :10.

All that JESUS wants us to do is BE STILL and REMAIN CALM trusting in him. That part of trusting falls on us. We can either choose to walk on the water looking up at JESUS and completely trusting him even though it seems impossible or we can choose to always doubt to move on the water to reach out to God's hand. Just remember, he is always waiting for us with arms wide open. When we experience his love, we see light amidst darkness in our life. The storms then turn to pleasant sunshine.

So, its your choice to either HOLD ON or LET GO!!

Make your decision.