A woman is like a magnificent tree. It gives out selflessly to every being by its loving shade. And to relate some men are those humans who both effortlessly are comforted by its shade as well as break its magnificent boughs, stopping its growth.

Who are to be suffered you think? How do you think you can beat the scotching heat without a shade. It’s up to you, if you demand to be a number in the endless list of shrewd men.

She chooses to be fooled. Why? To give you the benefit of being the smarter one and not shy. She knows the whole universe. What is everything about and what is the most mattered thing which should be dealt? Yes she knows that too. Love is what resides, so true and pure feeling. You cannot give back the love and you know it.

Tell me don’t you know, without her you are so worse!
she can conquer the world. She stays low and down to make you feel stronger. She knows what company got you, good or bad. She knows your black deals in the market. She knows who are your friends and foes, who will make rich your heart and even those imposters with a dart.

Can you not feel a thing about her? What made bad to your senses?
Free is not the freedom she seeks. Not everything lies around the freeness which is physically seen. Freedom is the state of being free in our minds. When we are free to think accordingly alter our life plans. But she is silent all the time not questioning any of your methods. Is this the reason?Acquainted to still sort of quietness, does this urge you make a woman silent?

A word from a woman who has been left unaware of her beloved’s abandoned act:

I was shouting and calling you.
Did you not see me; I was playing not my sport?
Did you not notice all the vague actions I did in your court?
Did you not see, for us I crave..?
For you don't come anymore, home is a grave.
I never saw you with her,
But what I heard was enough.
I know how untrue people could be!
But if it's true, did you do it to protect me?
Letting her to take my thunder,
For I can be only yours, let it be that way! I wonder.



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wonderfull, especially the poem. do check out my poems as well
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A beautiful read!!
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Wonderfully written!
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