The Pleasant Coma Of Being In Solitude

Geetisri Patri
Jun 15, 2019   •  139 views

What is peace? There will come numerous stages where you can seek peace from. Well, it depends upon our mind from where we acquire peace! In this hustle of everyday day life how important is solitude?, how a little time to yourself helps in attaining peace?how we do not take our alone times positively! is today’s concern.

Is it important to always be with someone? No, but it is taken in a wrong way that is negativity and loneliness. There is whole lot of difference between being alone and being lonely. Alone is a physical state of being on their way but being lonely is when one is alone in their state of mind. Amongst all is the solitude. A state of being in oneself, where you explore yourself and know more ways of how you are living, more like getting status check of yourself.

In our present world, every one longs for company. How he longed for her? How she longed for him? They say time changes everything, then do the rocks that never appear to change not experience time? How does this perception change when blown by the dynamite?

We human beings suffer because we do not want to suffer anymore. “Suffering has no end, makes living worse, or is it just the human life, which is a curse?” we question if we are suffering enough to live a living? How do we quote our lifestyle perfectly into our life? Will our dreams fit in the way we are living now? Or we are just flowing and still unaware of the consequences of this delayed encounter with life? And then we question our own living? This loop has no end. And to stay put these curiosities; we need to take time to give ourselves, a gift of time to give one.

There was a man walking sideways of the sea on the shore, opposite of the harsh piercing wind against his skin. Expressions make us know about the feelings of others, but he had no expressions to say the outer world anything. He was a flat notation, a dimensionless portrait and a zero mass object. I could make out the serene silence was healing him. The sea kissing his feet were washing away all his laments and the developed inner peace had taken over him already. He had no give-away anymore to any of the outside plays. No acts of an imposter he performed. He was just him, a man with oneself and a love for solitude.

There are different stories and expressions of solitude.

One expressed as:

“I was the rain last night,

I vaulted the high mountains and reeked into the deep soils,

And turned aside the tall trees guarding the valley.

I touched many a cheeks of beloved.

I made empty paths for some introverts.

I caught glimpses of you through the window,

But you had shut me out and as I wandered around listlessly, afraid to call too loud in this swoon state of emptiness,

There I find this SOLITUDE, a state of just oneself.”