The backstage is a place where all the hustle of any successful execution can be seen.Hustle with all the eyes of envy and the rising rivalry made up. For, every one stands a chance to win equally. The dance competition where we can see the contestants are nervous yet hungry for the win. There are different kinds of issues which pave their ways in midway to their performance. Issues with the hardships of looking perfect and dressing appropriate were some of their major concerns. The makeup, shoes, dresses, accessories and different respective people for the same were allotted. The mirrors providing everything in double made the rush look more crowded.

Among all the contestant, couple ofpeople knew each other as this competition is conducted every three years and they had been a part of the run since long back yet none of those were crowned as the winner, ironically experience was not working in front of performance. Out of those experienced lads, there were two people young and beautiful, a boy and a girl, who could win this year’s competition. The show has started and the audience is ready to witness all the performances. The host as usual was someone who had this incredible energy and flawlessly talented, extrovert kind of person who can manage every ups and downs of the show just by talking. The judges are all set to do their part of critic. And the show had begun.

Newbie of the show were many. The show started with them. Meanwhile we can see the rising tension behind the curtains in the backstage. No wonder there is nervous breakdown but these two folks shared rivalry and the known fact that one may win the show but not him for her and her for him. There is the wanting to defeat each other. It was like they loved the hatred between them. They see each other as if the enmity inside them is talking out loud with their eyes, such intense and grave. Everyone did their part well and it was the time of judgment. After several screening, short listing and hours of discussion a newbie again won.No trace of desultory as they were relaxed, not anyone out of them won.

But that day they needed to decide that there can be only one, the winner who outran the other person.A face off to decide. A ‘Dance Fight’ in the backstage.

Twirl and round she moved,

With the grace and poise that grooved.

She was a competition that cannot be denied,

He was the man of moves being defied.

He was no less than a charm,

Safe, secure and that warmth.

Their foot steps did the matching,

And passion did came out of their dancing.

Eyes on eyes, hands in hand, together they dwelled,

And the most beautiful duet came out being rebelled.

All the enmity turned into affection and there was no sense of defeating eachother anymore. There may be a winner who went with the cup with all fame but there met a match who won each other.



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