Have you had an amazing dream and then woken up by the bloody alarm? Almost every day of my life.
I have had dreams about finding my prince charming, to fighting off a zombie apocalypse to cheating on a test.

The most annoying part about having dreams is that the minute you wake up, you tend to forget everything about the dream.

Have you ever wondered why you dream? Ever wondered how the faces of the most random people appear in your dreams?

I have seen the most random people in my dreams but the weird part is, I have never seen that face in my life. In reality, you can never dream about someone you have never seen. Your brain cannot create something nonexistent or make up anything by its own.

None of this is the weirdest thing about dreams.

Lucid dreaming is a type of dream where you can control anything about it and do whatever you wish to do or see whatever you wish to see. (I dream about being famous because that is the only time I can see it happen)

Since there is so much research going on about the mystery of dreams, scientists are trying to understand how or why a person dreams. Our dreams and sleep patterns are recorded for research purposes.

I recently got to know that animals can dream too. And they go through nightmares just like us.

Also, your dreams are extremely unique and nobody in this world can have the same dream as yours just like the specific way in which your brain functions.

You do not need to have sight to dream because even blind people can dream. (I wonder what their dreams are about.)

While dreaming, your brain makes your body stiff so that you do not move. But there are times when even after the dream ends, your body cannot move. This is called sleep paralysis and it is a genuine issue.

The nightmares you get are a result of the anxiety you face and negative dreams are more common to occur compared to the positive ones. (You’re not the only one crying in your sleep)

Dreams are a very interesting yet not fully discovered area of study. Most of us dream about the things which we want to achieve or something that we are looking forward to.

The best dreams that you have seen are the ones you cannot tell anyone about. Mainly because you cannot remember them or even if you do, you don’t really say them out loud!