The Unrealistic Expectations Of This Society

Gayatri Menon
Feb 08, 2019   •  77 views

The harsh reality that surrounds our lives is filled with expectations that cannot be met by the individuals.

The society views imperfection as a problem that cannot be fixed and sideline those who are trying to live their lives the way they want to.

The unrealistic expectations in the beauty industry where women get discriminated on the basis of skin colour or acne scars. When in reality; they are the most confident and carry themselves in the most confident way ever.

The fashion industries also compare women and their body which creates an unrealistic image in the minds of the viewers who then try really hard to achieve that goal and feel very low about themselves when they are unable to achieve them.

These industries are making you compare yourself to other models and people who have access to many resources which is why they look the way they do, so comparing yourself to them and feeling sad about being yourself is the worst thing you could do to yourself.

Many companies use this to their advantage and try selling products or services that will help you decrease that imperfection and make you feel better about yourself.

You don’t need any product to feel great about being yourself and for loving yourself the way you are. These industries might look great, but there is an ugly side to them as well.

Not only women, but even men are subjected to such scrutiny where an unrealistic expectation is placed on them to be having the perfect body, height and also the perfect salaries.

The expectation of having your life sorted and balancing everything is insane. People who struggle to make life happen and to make ends meet are frowned upon.

Failing to meet these societal expectation leads to falling into depression, high levels of self doubt and may other issues.

Surviving these expectations and trying to lead a normal life can be overwhelming since there exists perfect standards to everything.

In the end, remember that, you only live once and do not waste that one life in worrying or trying to become someone else’s version of perfect.

Comparing and feeling horrible about being yourself is the worst so instead of that, look up to some amazing people, feel motivated and inspire yourself to work hard and achieve your goals.

Focus on the things that make you glow, make you happy and feel amazing about yourself. Nothing speaks louder than the happiness you have when you are completely satisfied with your life and even the society’s judgement cannot drown that voice out.