The Mystery About Indian Mothers

Gayatri Menon
Feb 05, 2019   •  82 views

"Mere paas gaadi hai, paise hai, bangla hai. Tere paas kya hai?"

"Mere paas Maa hai."

The introduction is so filmy, just like our Indian mothers.

Just like Varun Thakur said, an Indian mother’s love is proportionate to the number of times you let her put oil in your hair. And in case of a South Indian mother like mine, that is a lot.

Indian mothers love Tupperware more than their life.

“Khaana khaaya ki nahi?” is something that you hear all the time.

You are a good kid only if you fill up the water bottles on time.

When you say you will eat at home but you end up eating outside, be ready to receive a flying chappal.

The most entertaining fight is always of your mom with the maid where they have intense stare-offs.

Shortest horror story: 15 missed calls from mom.

Everybody must have heard this at least once in their life:

Me: Mom I’m feeling feverish.

Mom: It’s because you’re always on your phone.

Making us eat dry fruits every morning with the hopes of making her dumb kid become smart.

I don’t understand why does every mother want her child to wake up even before the sun rises?

And if I ever dare to complain about anything in my life, her solution will be for me to wake up early every morning. Well if that’s the case, I hope waking up early will help me get back my lost money.

And even on Sundays, they try to wake you up early as if the weekdays were not enough. The best way to wake up a deep sleeper is to just switch off the fan and they automatically wake up in ten minutes drowning in their sweat.

Also, have you ever been grocery shopping with your mom? That’s always an interesting adventure to go on. They carry SO many plastic bags and argue with the bhaiya to get one extra lemon.

And dare not mess with their containers and the arrangement of it in the kitchen. They know EXACTLY where every little thing is placed.

Also, have you ever noticed that your mom tries to clean the TV stand the EXACT time you are watching TV. And if you tell her to move, she will kill you with her looks.

Playing the nine-months- card every time you get into a fight is the perfect comeback against anything you say and it is a winner because “I gave birth to you so I am always right”

But in the end, she’s our best friend, our advisor, our biggest critique and our support system.

Yours truly,

Someone who has received way too many flying chappals in her life.