In a world filled with so much hate and disturbance, it’s almost impossible to find positivity and be happy. All the problems in our life might seem like it’s the worst and we might not be able to enjoy the little moments that can give us so much happiness. I recently came across the term ‘Law of Attraction’, which talks about putting your energy into positive things and working towards achieving your goal. And from what I heard, it really works, so why not give it a try?

The new age word “drama” comes with the lifestyle we live in. It can be in shape of politics, competition or any other form.

As exciting as it sounds, drama is very overrated (been there, done that)

Let’s be real, in five years, those dramatic events and the people who did you wrong or any of this will not matter. Life goes on and we all should learn to move along with it and keep becoming the best version of ourselves.

So, let’s look at ways to lead a positive life (easier said than done):

·Have certain set of goals that you want to achieve and work hard towards achieving them.

·Try finding ways to relax your mind along with your body and de-stress.

·Try to cut out toxic friends and relationships. Sometimes, it’s better to let go rather than holding on to such people.

·Have a grateful outlook on everything in a way that even when there are disappointments, you will not have a negative approach.

·Surround yourself with people who uplift you and make you a better person, have realistic friends who tell you to own up to your mistakes.

·Try not to be friends with people who have an ulterior motive and are fake.How to spot fake people? LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS (They spot fake friends way before us)

·Don’t get into situations which might get very dramatic and blown out of proportion. Try not to meddle into other people’s life.

·If you are in a difficult situation, think about a happy memory and try not to let the circumstance get to you.

·If someone is pointing out your wrongdoings, then listen and take the constructive criticism and use that to get better.

If none of this works, kill the chick that annoyed you. [I’ll teach you how, in the next post (Just kidding!)]