Filter coffee or tapri ki chai? Which team are you on?

Your day doesn’t start until you have freshly brewed coffee in the morning. The day does not even seem to end because of the crazy amount of coffee you have had. It keeps you up all night.

Your entire work life is depended on the amount of coffee intake.
For a coffee lover, one cup is not enough to not wake you up and you crave for more. The pain you go through when you do not get your daily dose of caffeine is painful (for others around you too)

The one time you need coffee to do its job and keep you up all night is the time you are probably snoring while having the best sleep. Coffee does not always keep you up all night.

If you are a Starbucks coffee lover, then your entire salary gets over in buying your supply.

After having excessive coffee, you just get extra crazy and lose your shit. Too much caffeine can cause crazy behavioural issues.

Also, the worst thing about it is coffee breath. It stinks (literally).

The only reason why you are late for all of your events is that you just decide to stop and buy some coffee. You probably spend more time at a coffee shop rather than at work.

Trying out a new flavour of coffee is as risky as investing your money into some shares. And if that flavour turns out to be disappointing, then it is a disaster.

On the other hand, tea lovers have an entire cabinet dedicated to varieties of tea.
And for change, if you drink coffee, then everyone around you gets an attack. You like hoarding more and more flavours of tea.

You need to try every flavour of chai that exists to know which one is your favourite.
If you are a chai lover, then you have to make mind-blowing chai or there is no respect for you. Pressure is on.

You can immediately distinguish between two different flavours when you see it.

Buying tea from restaurants is painful for you because tapri chai does not cost around Rupees 300.
If you buy chai from anywhere other than your tapri, you feel guilty of cheating on your chai wale bhaiya.

Chai flavours change with every season. Garam chai during the rains is one of the best.

Chai ho ya coffee, we all unite against those pretentious green tea lovers because that should not be a real thing.