Breaking The Stereotypes Of Being A South Indian

Gayatri Menon
Jan 13, 2019   •  87 views

Has someone ever called you “Aye Idli? Medu Vada? If yes, then you know what I’m talking about.

And to the people who call us those names, this post is for you.

Listening to these remarks has become a part of my everyday life and you have become used to them.

As a fellow South Indian, I feel obligated to break some stereotypes and shed some light on the facts.

So let’s get started with the assumptions people have about us:

1.All South Indians are dark. (Really? Being racist in the 21st century is not cool guys)

2.Every South Indian is a scholar.

3.Our parents are very strict. (Let’s face it, this one is true.)

4.We eat Idli/Dosa for every meal.

5.There is coconut in every dish we eat.

6.All of us are Rajnikanth fans.

7.We drink coconut water all day (We wish)

8.All of us hate North Indians [(We wish) Just kidding]

9.Banana leaves are used as plates to eat anything (imagine the amount of money saved on plates then)

Most of these are not true and you all have to accept that.

As a part of the highest rice- eating culture in India, I can tell you there’s nothing relaxing like having rice and sambar after coming home from a long day.

Also, our marks in exams are equivalent to the amount of freedom we get from our parents. Marks are the only thing we can use as a tool to ask for permission from our parents. So next time you see a South Indian kid get full marks, remember there is a story and motive behind it!

Coconut oil is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We use it for cooking food, frying chips, giving a hair massage and use it as a moisturiser (sounds gross, but it’s not). It’s one of the most versatile items and has health benefits.

No matter how much we are teased by being called Idli & Dosa, the entire world loves South Indian food and nothing can beat that. Also, who doesn’t love dancing to Apdi Pode and other crazy songs?

Let’s all agree that some South Indian movies get really passionate about fights and will do anything to make sure the hero wins, even if it means the hero kills the enemies using a banana as a weapon. But we all still love binge watching them (It’s our guilty pleasure)

As crazy and amazing as this culture is, being a South Indian is an emotion that, admit it or not, all of us feel at some point and enjoy.

Until next time,

Yours truly,