Alliteration is nothing but a word in a line. Alliteration is one of the sound factors of a poem and it is a literary device to perfectly deliver what and how a poet feels, to his readers.


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Why alliteration in a poem?

Alliteration becomes one of the most important aspects in literature. The repetitive sounds in a poem gives an effect of rhyme to the poem and further it contributes to the fulfillment of a poetry. Alliteration is mostly seen in tongue twisters where mostly every word in the sentence have the same beginning letters as well as sounds. Alliteration allows the communication process to be in a smooth way. In order to grab the attention of the readers, the poets use a figure of speech line alliteration. Alliteration also makes a work ornamental and it gives a satisfaction, both to the readers and to the poets.

What is alliteration?

Alliteration is a literary device which is defined to be a line in a poem which has repetitive words starting with the same sound. Letters and sounds of the words, if repeated in the lines of poetry, it is said to be alliteration. Kindergarten rhymes and songs have lots and lots of alliteration. Not only poems but every other literary text would have alliteration. Even in prose for a dramatic effect and a good scenario, the poets use alliteration. There would be effects like this in every other perfect piece of writing.

Alliteration is seen everywhere. Right from people's speech till the brand names we see alliteration all around. In this far-fetched world, why does an alliteration play an important role in poetry. That's all because it forms the basest form of a poem and it is not that without alliteration the poem would remain incomplete but with alliteration, it would be quite good!

Technicalities of alliteration


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There's indeed nothing technical in alliteration. It is not just mere sound repetitives. Those are there for a reason. Reader's attention is needed for a poet. Alliteration gives the rhyme with which the musical quality is achieved. It is not that alliteration alone contributes the sound factors of a poem. But it gives the major contribution to a poem. It is the most used poetic device by a poet.

Generally, never a poet would be conscious in applying these poetic devices in their poems. They carefully choose their words and it happens to be filled with all these poetic devices. Alliteration increases the standard of a poem. The poet must be conscious enough while applying an alliteration. Just like that, for a reason to have alliteration in a poem, a poet cannot use any words that have the same sounds. That would be irrelevant and totally out of subject when the out of focused words are embedded in the poem.

Poems With Alliteration


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Poems that are specially crafted for children would have a lot of alliteration as children would read it interestingly when lots of alliteration is implemented. Rhymes for children include rhyming words and repetitive alliteration. For a strong rhythm and Great musical structure in a poem alliteration aids a lot. Dr. Seuss use lots of alliteration in his works as it would help the readers with a faster reading. Shakespeare himself is a great example for using alliteration in his sonnets.

All natural sounds seem to be alliterated. Frost in his poems have included many alliterative sounds like "Birches" and the same way is Hardy, in his poem "In A whispering Garden" Have made the sound /s/ to be alliterative.

Alliteration's impact on Poetry

As mentioned earlier, alliteration is a basic component or a structure in which every other poem follows it for a perfect pattern in which a poem should be written. There can be poem without alliteration too. But, a poem which has a musical quality in it is far more reaching than the one which is not alliterated. The concept of alliteration does not affect the quality of a poem. Even poems without alliteration is more standard and are qualitative. It is in the perception of each and every reader to get impacted by the devices used in a poem.


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Alliteration is one of the devices used in a poem. What makes it this much important when compared with all those other poetic devices? It is what the quality of a poem is. The basic quality of a poem is to be musical and the musicality of a poem is achieved by implementing many such poetic devices that would contribute to the rhythm and the sound of a poem. As this is the basest of poetic devices with which the most important aspect of musicality is achieved, this becomes the most important of all the devices used. When it comes to the point of the core aspect of the poem, Alliteration poses for the easiest but very careful part of a poem.


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