She...An unfinished piece of poetry

An unfinished piece of poetry

That runs over the pages

The poetry was inscribed

on the iron pages.

Each page equalize

each chapter of her life.

She is strong because

she was moulded

by a strong blacksmith.

So she know

that she will never be faded

like the impersistant ink or

the paper that will

one day be trashed out.

The poetry of her, who dare to dream.

The poetry is all about the game,

hide and seek that she plays

with her dream

on which she will never quit

until this piece of poetry,

Just being a piece of fiction now,

when being written,

Would one day be transformed

into piece of reality ,

on being published and read out.

The poem will run onto the pages chasing her dreams,

imprinting the graph of troughs and crests of her life

until the day that the waves

on her ECG turns out

to be a straight line,

A straight still line.

                                    -JuliyaGrace Biju



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Harshita   •  3y  •  Reply
We are working on an anthology and if you are interested , you can mail me on nkumariharshita
Profile of Harshita
Harshita   •  3y  •  Reply
Hey your poem is amazing
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Aquilin Sneha  •  4y  •  Reply
Awesome poetry