Why body language is important?

Body Language:

The way we behave, the way we portrait ourselves, our facial expressions, body postures, gestures,signs, touch, the use of space, eye movements while we communicating with another person is called as “Body Language”.

It’s a non-verbal communication where the language will be without spoken words and written documents. Communication, it is a natural activity of all human beings to convey opinions,information, ideas, feelings, emotions to others by words spoken or written, by body language orsigns. It is very important in communication while communicating with other people there are a lot of causes of misunderstanding and misinterpretations of the message communicated. While attending an interview our body language plays a major role, we need to behave properly while we are in the interview panel.

What are the essential objectives we need to maintain in our Body language?

Eye contact:

While we are communicating with another person it helps you to understand what the other person exactly saying, when the eye says one thing, the tongue another thing.


One first thing that people notices are how the person carries and presents himself when he was talking, whether he shook the hands with confidence or not, whether he stands with confidence everything will play a role. Looking someone in the eye as you meet and talk to them shows that you are paying attention to their talks .It shows that you are giving respect to their talks.


When we are talking with a person if we make a smile then it shows our interest, excitement, empathy, concern, attention. It creates a positive environment. First of all, we need to know about what situation how we need to react, sometimes these smiles are overused in interview panels. First, establish your presence in the interview panel then smile.

The role of body language:

When we need to communicate with other people our communication can be done through eyes, facial expressions signs in all these our body language plays a major role .we need to make it clear what we are conveying to the other person or else misunderstanding will happen ,but in somecases we are unable to deliver our messages through spoken words or even written languages that point of time our body language plays a major role, so we will convey our messages through movements, some facial expressions, even by doing some gestures etc.

Finally, the conclusion is it's all-important that the way we maintain our body language in the interview panel, in front of superiors, high authorities will increase your respect and shows your gratitude to them.