In my thoughtsI’m thinking about her. I want to see her now. I want to meet her exactly at this moment. How can I see her ?. How can I meet her? .Does she thinkabout me ?.if I want to meet her .how can I make it possible? how can I make it happen? seriously I have no idea. What to do? what not to do? how to do? how not to do ?.all these kinds of questions are revolving around my mind. Even I want to control my mind I’m unable to do it. Because it is not listening to me it is listening to my heart. But my heart doesn’t listen to me. Since the time when I saw her this fellow not listening to my words it doing whatever the stuff that makes him happy.

When it comes to the things and thoughts about her.I’m unable to control this fellow ( I mean this fellow is reference to my heart I have a nickname for )it This fellow gets mad in presence of her. this fellow pumps the blood very fast when he notices really a difficult task for me to control him in the presence of her. this fellow can sense her fragrance and her absence. Everything about better than me .by god’s grace or by luck or by fateI have a chance to meet her on yesterday. The day is even more beautiful and bright fullwith her my thoughts I’m thinking about her.

what she is doing? , does she woke up or not?

Even she has the habit of going to jogging or not?
Does she is an early riser or a night owl?
What she eats for breakfast?

Being with some whom you love and admire will make you something crazy and mad. When I recall about the things that happened yesterday are actually accidentally happened but for every situation, there is a coincident.

Every day will not be the same. if it is the same we get bored we want something new every day.

We always want a change in our life’s whether it may be good or bad we want a change. Good changes will give you memories bad changes will give experiences. For everything, there will be a purpose and reason. we want a day with something special than yesterday and something curious for tomorrow this is how human nature will be right……(to be continued)

Stay tuned.



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