Meeting her for the first time
When I open my eyes she is there in front of my eye’s with a magnificent smile on her face .she stand near the reception, a girl is beside her and she started a conversation to the girl next to her in the reception. ”

I always want to share my thoughts with her. I always want to concern about her. I always want to be the first one to wish her.

Yes, I’m Having a crush on her and I’m unable to convey to her ,unable to confess her. May be I’m the one who is unable to express his views to his beloved love. Even the almighty has no fair not even show some concern on me I struggling a lot to know about her. Try to get close to her every time there will be an obstacle or something else which may destroy all my plans and hard work.

The first time I saw her my soul whispered on my ears that she is the one whom you are looking for, she is the one with whom you can spend your whole life, she is the one who will be a great mother for your children, she is the one who can look after your family very well, she is the one who can share endless of love with you, she is the one with whom you can share your happiness and sorrows, she is the one with whom you can share your highs and lows.

I went near to her.

I said: Hello, Mam what you are looking for ? can I help you?
She told to me that she is searching for “a book store” can you please help me to find the way to it?

I said: “yeah sure”. Come along with me.
She followed my footprints and I’m like what is happening god ?.
She is wearing a yellow color salwar kameez with dangled earrings which are pretty good on her. I think I didn’t count down the steps that how many we have done together because I simply remembering her in my thoughts and she simply following my path. At last, we reached the book store.

I said: here is the store.

She said thank you.
I said: It's my pleasure, have a nice day.
Now I need to say goodbye to her and return back to my work……….(to be continued)
Stay tuned.



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