We reached the shipment office.So we get out from our car and I have spoken to the supervisor of that “express bees services “ he told that the boy who has to

take the parcel to deliver is on leave and he mistakenly updated it as delivered.So he told a sorry to her in reference of that boy, the parcel is safe with us and then he went to get the parcel he asked me about the reference id I have given to him he told to wait for few minutes he will be back with the parcel. She is too excited to get her parcel. I can see it in her eyes and in her face.

when it comes to online shopping we need to wait for the product to unless until we get into our hands. We can't do anything. we are unable to see it, to touch it, to check it whether we get the right product or not. Whatever we see in the pictures is not the same we got it might be different whether it may be in terms of color or it is in terms of cloth or it is in terms of quality also. So she excited and anxious to get her parcel. To check whether everything is good and perfect or not.

She is happy to get the parcel. By seeing her even I was happy. That makes difference from a normal person and a person who are in deep love .We smile when they smile we are happy when they are happy, we laugh when they laugh we gone crazy when they are crazy. We are sad when they are sad. For whatever we do they are a reason behind it.

So he has given the parcel to her.
I said : Check whether you get all you have ordered or not?
She said: Yeah, all are there.
I said: Shall we move to?
She said: Sure.
We thanked the supervisor and we get into our car.
I said : Tell me where we need to drop you?
She said: No thanks. I can go by cab.

I said: Mam , don’t decline it, it took time to get a cab, in that time being we can drop you. It's not a big deal. Get into the car.

She said: Thank you, drop me at Bandra from there I get a cab to reach home
I said : Mam ,look at the time it is too late to get a cab at this is ok but its not safe to go by cab .

Sorry I cant leave you like this .
Finally she gets into the car accepts my offer.…..( to be continued)
Stay tuned.



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