“About An Issue Related To Old Age People”


The mindset of children towards their old aged parents in these days:

* Nowadays old age home’s are increased a lot. Everyone feel’s that their parents are a burden to them but they can’t understand that they are the one who was given birth to and brought you up.

*They are the one who introduces you to the world, but now you are refusing them.

I don’t tell that everyone in this society is doing the same but some of them are in that bloody thoughts and instead of looking after their parents in their old age, they are sending them to old age homes. Growing modernization and changes in technology make people forget their responsibilities. Fast moving modern life has this problem. They are the reason so that we are living in a comfortable place.

According to my opinion, everyone should understand that how much important their parents are we don’t know some peoples value unless until we lose them.

We will get to know their value even more in their absence than their presence.

Even though we are sending them to old age homes, they are the who has done a lot for you to get a good position in this society. But now you are refusing them.

*Every phase of life has its own problems which require wisdom, courage and

strength to fight with them. In childhood and adult age everyone has parents and

they are at every moment of time to help you. But when comes to old age people their failing health, the debilitating body makes things and situations worst. They appear too weak and tired.

*Diseases not only major but also minor follows them.

*Their day every day filled with symptoms, pills, diets, and therapies.

* In addition to all these things most importantly they required social security and emotional support a lot.

*In order to have a strong mental ability makes them physically strong.

*It helps them to fight with all these diseases and mainly with their

loneliness. Then only they can live happily unless until they live on…….

I request everyone that don’t send your parents to old age homes you don’t how much it get hurts them. You don’t even think how much it affects their mind, thoughts, especially their health. Try to understand the scenario, once get into their shoes and go through the pain then you came to know. I hope by reading this article if somebody changes their views and ideas. It meant a lot to me. LIVE THE LIFE FULLEST BY BRINGING JOYS INTO ANOTHER ‘s LIFE”.

                                                                                     Blog by

                                                                                     Gayathri Kakarla.