In my thoughts I’m thinking about her in order to interrupt my thoughts I heard a big sound I felt like is there any accident happened but actually the fact is that my car tyre got punctured thenI stepped out from my car.

I asked: my driver “bhayyastepney nahi hai car mai” .He told there is no stepney in the car .
Oh ! my god, what I need to do now can I book the cab , I check out is there any cab available in these location. But im failed to do that my mobile have no signal, I’m strucked in a place where there is no proper network .

I’m really angry , I’m going to be late to office. What I need to do now?. Ok .I’m going to search for any vehicle to ask lift ,by seeing my situation my driver is too silent he knows if he speak ‘s something I’m going to fire him .Because it is his mistake he need to check whether is there any stepeny is there or not .What happens if tyre gets punctured at the middle of my way like this today .

I'm out of my control I began to shout at him ,whats your job?
You don’t have time to check whether is there any stepney in the car?
You may have time for unnecessary talks , to see the vidoes on ticktock , to mock at someone ?
But you don’t have time to check the condition of the car?
Ok . Do the same thing from tomorrow by sitting at your home.
Don’t come to work and don’t waste my time too. “mere pass phaltu kha wakth nahi hai”.
No , sir its not like that I had checked whether is there any stepeny or not .But I forgot to say that we need to have stepeny .

But I didn’t thought that we are going to face a situation like this ?
I’m sorry sir .I’m not going to repeat this again.
I will go and check is there any puncture shop near by . I sort out this puncture tyreand come back as soon as possible.

Ok .Go and come back quickly and listen I will go to office by taking any ones lift ,after completion of work take the car and come to office.

Sure, sir.
As my driver left to the near by puncture shops .I’m lonely standing on the road asking for lift to reach my office but no one was ready to give a lift ……to be continued (stay tuned).