Efforts = Results!! Is That Really So True?

Gautam Sharma
May 04, 2020   •  10 views

Patience and Consistency ! what I’ll be discussing with you guys today. Imagine every time we appeared for a test we topped it or bought a lottery ticket and always won it. Is it possible ? Let’s suppose in a rare case it is , but just imagine would the excitement and wait would be the same ever again….No! It won’t be . Human Psychology says that whenever our mind gets habitual of a particular victory or happening then the excitement and joy of victory gradually becomes null for us. So that’s the reason we happen to meet failure at times because that maintains the prestige of victory . Stating a small story about patience I happened to read recently . It was about a couple living in the outskirts of a city in Australia both of them being nature lovers bought a seed of a Chinese Bamboo tree one pleasant day , they used to water it daily with no breaks but there was no significant growth of the tree for sixty freak’in months!! Giving input to something for such a long interval and getting no results Doesn’t that feel disgusting? Not in this case, a pleasant rise was awaiting the couple . The growth which tested patience of the couple so hard by virtue of it’s nature took a leap growth and grew into an Eighty-feet tower in just next 90 days !! Seems quite a fictional scenario but that’s not what it is . Here’s what we call Perseverance and patience for the result while keeping your input (watering the roots) consistent throughout the process. Mind my words , every single bit of your input will pay off in a very justifiable way at some point in your life , the only thing required here is quality of perseverance………