Some Conditions Of An Unconditional Love...

Gauri Mangal
Jul 01, 2019   •  23 views

When we are in any relationship and put our efforts to smoothen the relations we expect the same from other person, isn’t it true? Keeping that fact aside for a minute that when we love somebody we shouldn’t expect anything from that particular individual. It is true and even I accept that our love should be unconditional, but in that very corner of heart everyone wants their beloved ones to show some signs and efforts and moments of love.

Love is beautiful when done from one side as it is unconditional, but love from both the sides is magic in which expectations are not conditions but hopes, because these small expectations don’t affect the relationships but if they do, then it is not love, it is a deal.

So coming to our point, expectations are those beautiful hopes that bind the relation and put strength in it but at the same time one thing should be clear that if you are sad because your expectations are not met then friend you are not in love, you are in a deal as I’ve earlier said.

This is the beauty of love where we just let the things go and accept each other as we are. Also just see the epitome of that magic where those conditions just become hopes simply, we just keep our wants inside us and hope that some day he/she will realize. This is the rope which makes a relationship more beautiful and little bit interesting too.



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Conditions of an unconditional love, good work.
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Thank you.. 💖💖
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