Influence Of Friends In Our Life…

Gauri Mangal
Jun 27, 2019   •  21 views

That one person in life who is our all time companion in each and every activity. No matter how and what the situation is but that bond never gets affected by any of the conditions of life. This is how we can define a true friendship.

So here we talked about true friendship but before becoming true, there is a phase when the bond is new, and needs the efforts from both the sides to become true and everlasting. This is how journey of friendship begins, but some friendships don’t go long due to several reasons.

So here, friendship and friends both influence our life in both positive and negative ways

How in positive way???

When you get a person with whom you can share your thoughts, experiences and whatever there is in your heart, that person will lighten your mood.

You feel a different kind of connection in which you can’t live without sharing even each and every moment of your day.

Your emotions whether good or bad, come out which is very important to maintain mental health.

How in a Negative way???

When your friendship is new, it needs efforts from both the sides, but if it lacks, this will affect your mind and body a lot.

If an individual gets betrayed by his friend, then he will definitely have trust issues with him for the whole life.



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Thank you vikash....
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Thank you Sonali
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That's true gauri. There are both sides to it. Hote
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Nice one