Teaching is the only profession in which service is the priority over money. Some will say that this sentence is not appropriate in present scenario, as today, education has become a huge business.

You can see at least 2 schools and 4 coachings in one area, but unlike everywhere else, here we are not going to discuss on education system. Here we will discuss on teaching as a profession.

Teaching is the profession which leads to other professions, a teacher is the one who directs an individual throughout his life, it is often said that when one is left with no option he opts for teaching but here we forgot the fact that teacher is the one who creates options for the world . So how can we underestimate such profession which leads a future??

But here comes the negative part where teachers themselves create such image by running after money. Today, teachers mould the definition of teaching by some misdoings like encouraging students to take tuitions, leaking of question papers, etc.

Here are some qualities which teachers should have in them...


It is the responsibility of a teacher to keep each and every student in a comfort zone so that a light environment can be created, and students feel free to query.


A teacher should be loyal to his work and give priority to his services.


A teacher should have good communication skills to interact with every kind of student.


A teacher should follow what he says, so it becomes the responsibility of a teacher to keep everyone on an equal level so that his followers may get a right direction.

Now we can say that

Teacher is an awakener of the society...


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Winnifred Dmonte  •  3y  •  Reply
A good article. Being a teacher, I feel that not all teachers are the same. Some teachers engage themselves in doing unethical stuffs just to get them some extra bucks. But, we can't blame them entirely. In spite of being in such a noble profession they're not paid enough to run their families. In our society, getting good quality education comes with high fees. So, how will the teacher's family survive in such a society if the teacher is not paid well?