Kim Tae-hoon obtained a lot of information from the monster's bodies, and he gave the survivors the information he had obtained. But he didn't give them all the information. There was something he hadn't told the other survivors. It was that he had tested his own telekinetic ability against the monster bodies he had dissected!

The power of Telekinesis he wielded was not limited to the level of being able to lift a big man up by the neck. If he had really wanted to kill the man, he could have twisted his neck 180 degrees on the spot. Now he showed this as an act, not just words.

Bang! The Black Orc, which was moving to slaughter the survivors mercilessly, was suddenly slammed back into the wall. The wall was cracked, and broken debris fell to the floor.

"Ahhhh!" It was a tremendous power, and those who heard the bang sound screamed out without thinking about it.

"Krrrrrr!" But the Black Orc, which became a victim of its power, was not very alarmed. Rather, its orange eyes were staring at the one who had attacked it.

The rest of the countless survivors, at this moment, were trying to escape to the first floor in a mob.

Kim grit his teeth. "The level is different."
In front of the Black Orc, he pictured a clearer image of pushing it firmly at the wall with his palm, as if he were hitting a mosquito on the wall with his hand.

As soon as the image, the imagination, the scene of painting, his focus was lost, his Telekinesis would disappear.

"Kaaaaaaah!" The Black Orc was screaming, even as it was struggling free of the wall. The shriek spread quickly, making everyone around it freeze.

"Ahhhh!" A small number of survivors who tried to escape fell down as their legs stiffened at the sound.

"Huck!" Some of the elderly fell to the floor, clutching their chests.
Even Kim was not safe in front of the fearsome warcry of the Black Orc.
'Shit.' Kim's head, stomach, and heart were paralyzed. His focus stopped in front of the cold fear. And, of course, his mental image disappeared.

"Kaaaaaah!" The Black Orc did not miss the opportunity.
It rushed to charge immediately, after confirming Kim's position again. There was no one to stop it. There was a crunch as the skull of a person who fell to the floor was crushed like a watermelon. The display stands piled up with items were smashed through. Its charge did not slow down but rather accelerated as it advanced. If it hit a person's body, it would be a terrible sight!

However, Kim did not avoid its rush. "Hoo!" As the distance narrowed, he focused his mind on the situation he was in, frozen in front of the Black Orc approaching like a train on a railway.

He drew it again in his mind. 'If I can't stop it, I'll catch it!' He imagined four invisible chains made of Telekinesis, pulling as hard as they could on the Black Orc's arms and legs. As soon as he pictured it, its rush began to slow down. In the end, it stopped.

It wasn't just a stop. It was like it was straining against the force of the pulling, trying to prevent its body from being pulled apart.

"Krrrrrrrr!" a cry for strength and endurance erupted out of its mouth, and its teeth ground together savagely.

From Kim's mouth, a grunt of the will to hold such a monster somehow came out, and the sound of gritting his teeth.

It was Bang Hyun-wook who moved in the situation. Bang, who was behind Kim, regained his freedom faster than anyone else in the face of the Black Orc's fear. Energy! It was due to the power wriggling in his stomach. Now he narrowed the distance with it by using this full force to shatter its head.

"Yaaaaaaaap!" Accompanied by his strong, loud shout, the baseball bat he held in his hand came down on the head of the Black Orc vertically.

Crack! However, the bat was broken into pieces.
'Huh?' The Black Orc was so strong! Its body was strong, and his power was also strong. The problem was that he did not realize it. His attack was powerful enough to get its anger and attention.

"Kaaaaaah!" At that moment, it threw up the fearsome warcry again with all its might, but not toward Bang!

'Oh, my god!' It was aimed at Kim since it recognized that his power was interrupted by its shout before.

"Get out!" As soon as his power weakened in front of its fear, Kim immediately warned Bang.
Bam! However, by the time Kim's warning came to Bang's ear, its fist had already struck Bang's chest.

"Huck!" Bang backed to Kim behind him, without even being able to breathe. The two of them were tangled together and fell to the floor!

At that short moment, Kim thought regretfully, '... it's my mistake.'
He thought a monster could appear at any time. It was a hypothesis he set up that a monster would appear without any restriction of space. He expected a stronger monster to emerge. The Awakener's stats and rank systems were evidence. If the ability of the Awakener who survived the monster would be stronger, the monster that threatened the Awakener might be stronger, too.

'Damn it!' So he should have done it. Regardless of the others, he should have prepared for a situation where stronger monsters could suddenly appear without warning, without a sign.

"Kaaaaah!" The only good luck for him was that the Black Orc was now confident of its victory and seemed to be relaxing. It shouted with joy at the fact that it had finished off the man who had hurt it with its fists.

If he had been in the position of the Black Orc, it would surely have killed him. He did not want to miss the chance. Also, he did not intend to repeat the same mistake.

"Kaaaaaah … huck!"
'Shut up.' First of all, he shut the mouth of the Black Orc. This time he drew a picture that he tied its neck with a huge chain, and he pulled it back.

And its body lurched backward. It gasped, but it didn't fall back. It stopped itself from being dragged back by giving strength to its legs, belly, waist, and neck. It endured and stared at him with orange eyes. It tried to open its mouth. Its snout began to twitch unceasingly.

At the same time, the sound of Kim gnashing his teeth began to grow. At this moment, he wanted to shout, "Anybody, bring a forklift and stick into that monster's body!"

'Damn it.' But he could not open his mouth. He knew that as soon as he opened his mouth, his power would be released, and the Black Orc would use the chance to finish him completely this time. So, he expected only one thing.

Throbbing … throbbing …
It was Bang's heartbeat, which was still going strong.