7 Things About Book Readers

May 29, 2019   •  76 views

If you are a book reader you will definitely relate to these points whereas all the non-book readers should definitely cling to these 7 things whenever surrounded by book readers to normalise the situation and not get startled.

1. Always have one book in their bag

This is very true. They might forget to carry their wallet or phone or even earplugs but never a book. A book is mandatory to carry whenever they step out.

2. Crying/smiling/laughing while reading book

Ok guys, I know, it will take aeons for you to digest this but yes, they cry when their favourite couple break up, when their favourite character dies. They laugh, they smile on the most stupid things you can ever imagine because books are not a tangible material for them, it is a living human or rather a best friend telling them a story.

3. Hours long conversation about books

They don't need any topic to start a conversation. They will entertain you (bore, for some) with the story of their favourite book with indefinitely multiple expressions on their face from excitement to sadness to blush.

4. Books > movies adapted from books

Never and ever ask a book lover to choose between books and movies adapted from books. Books are always gonna conquer for them because it is where they imagine a world of their own.

5. Buy more policy even if broke

This is an important point for all the non book readers, if you see any of your book lover friend buying books even if they have several unread books piling up in their book shelf since ages or if they are broke, never and ever (Warning! Never and Ever) interrupt them or stop them from buying more books because you may hurt their sentiments.

6. Wish to have a fictional friend/ bf/gf

Every book reader wishes to have a friend/bf/gf like one of their favourite characters from their favourite books who would listen to them at 3 am on the rooftop while stargazing (Referred from Catch a falling star by Kim Culberstone - "See you tonight, under the sky".)

7. Books are the best escapism from reality

For any book lover, books are the best place they feel the most content and it is the world they love to get lost into. It is a magic world they create for themselves.