Anybody who says they don’t like to read any form of text hasnt yet discovered the joy one derieves from it . I love a book where the story is so good you forget you’re reading about. Youre transformed into a world of fantasy .If it’s well told and interesting, Iam hooked . Monsoon is the best time to read with a nice hot piping pakodas and some chai.

So let’s talk about the habits that one must inculcate that will help you get the most out of your reading and give you the best opportunity to expand your thinking.

1. Start a Reading List
Look for books in different categories, including both fiction and non-fiction. If you don’t want to buy it, the best way is to rent from a library or make wish list of it anyway. When people are looking to surprise or give birthday gifts for you this can come in handy. Such ideas will also always be appreciated.

2. Find You’re Favorite Spot to read
Fit reading as a part of your daily routine. Sometimes we can get caught up with our busy lives but its important to find some time for recreation activities. Having a personal favourite spot can be beneficial . Could be your balcony or special place in your home.

3. Get Your Vitamin I (Inspiration)

Choosing good and quality books is the first step to reading . Have an ideal of what kind of books and genre you want to invest your time reading . there could be a wide range of variety of books to chose from like Alchemist , Harry Potter , Hunger Games etc. Inspiration is very imporatnt to find.

Reading has definitely made me a better human being , a better communicator , a better person — and certainly better informed. about events and world affairs. If you haven’t explored the world of reading yet , you’re missing out a lot in life . Get yourself a book today .