Why do we need a purpose? What if loving, living and learning is our only purpose? What if enjoying music, nurturing a child, or greeting everyone with a smile is our purpose? Is that wrong? Is it not enough?

Change your perspective, and you will see that a goal of being happy now is much more satisfying and much more attainable than searching for some external mission or ideal. Take count of all the blessings you have now. The constant striving for more only detracts from our enjoyment of the here and now and it devalues what we have. It is not the "better" way to go.

.According to Eastern philosophy, going with the flow will get you to your path much more quickly than fighting with the current one. At times the current is slow and lazy. Other times it is fast and furious. Occasionally it fluctuates . Having dreams is wonderful. As long as your river takes you toward your dreams, you can have spectacular journeys along the way. If you take breaks along the way, enjoy the scenery, the company, and the moments, it will all be wonderful. But if you have a specific destination that you doggedly fight to get to, you run the risk of burning out, missing much along the way, or arriving and wondering if this is all there is.

Life doesn't stand still. If we choose to, it will continue living and changing and growing around us, and it will leave us behind. Be part of the change, and you can be involved in molding it into something you love. Flexibility and optimism will get you through any form of change with the least negative side effects. Continue to move toward your dreams, but be prepared to revise them from time to time.

You win the prize! You get to be happy today. You get to spread that joy and happiness to others. Your positive outlook will help them in their life journeys. And you will have a very promising tomorrow filled with whatever you want it to be filled with. Conversely, if you are doing things that create negative value in your life, do it consciously. Make the decision. Own it. If you do something "bad" for yourself, decide that you love yourself anyway. You are not a bad person. And perhaps you can also do something to offset or positively move you closer to your dreams. When you're ready and the current is strong, you will fly toward that only-imagined realty. You will do and be want you want to be. Just know it takes more than a dream. Taking actions toward that dream will get you there, no matter how small the steps may be. One day it will be yours, and then you can dream for something more.