Why 'breaking Bad' Is The Best Tv Show Ever.

Eeshan Pandey
May 28, 2019   •  164 views

Who would have thought that a middle aged high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, would be the greatest character television has ever created? Breaking Bad is no accident, nor is the adoption of a highly successful novel; Breaking Bad is the sheer brilliance of Vince Gilligan and the stellar cast of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Back in 2008, when the first season of Breaking Bad was aired, Vince and other producers were not sure that the noir will work in the longer run. As a result, season 1 of the series consisted of only 7 episodes. Oh! That would have been a satanic thing for the mankind. However, season 1 brought in some good reviews and viewership, which led to the creation of a historic franchise.

I binged away Breaking Bad last year, Yes, I was a bit late. But, in my defence, I completed entire 5 seasons in a couple weeks. What followed was a feverish question to all my friends, ‘have you seen Breaking Bad?’, because this is how hooked I was, with the name, with the show. Arguing about the greatness of Breaking Bad became my hobby.

The show is as addictive as the blue meth Walter cooks, and yes, 99.6% pure. It was consistently amazing from start to finish unlike other great shows such as Dexter and Game of Thrones.

As you travel through the episodes and seasons, the sense of danger occasionally tightens and relaxes again. But, the inevitable direction is towards darkness. Breaking Bad escalates into darkness as it proceeds. Everything is dark; the characters, the plot, so dark, but so hypnotizing.

With every passing season, the show hangs you in a state of high anticipation. The fate of Walter White, his expanding drug empire, detachment from the family will get you thinking. You know that the things won’t work well for Walter, but you pray mercy for him and his family.

The story is not at all complex but the way the director has dealt with progressing it is just excellent filmmaking. Every decision that has come up in the entire storyline is perfect and no matter how hard you think, you can't come up with a better way. This also explains the epicness of the last few episodes and the satisfying finale.