Tips For Last Minute Exam Preparations

Divya Visakh
Jul 25, 2019   •  86 views

Exams are always considered as a synonym for the word ‘nightmare’. Before studying for the exams, we always focus on thoughts like whether we will be able to pass or not. For lazy people like me, last-minute exam preparations are like a war with a pen. Even though there was a lot of time to study, we chose the last minute as the perfect time to store maximum information in our brain. I know its super lame; some even manage to get good marks even though they believe in the last minute preparation theory. Here are some tips for those legends who deal with an exam at the last hours.

  1. Last minutes are very precious while learning. Just say good bye to mobile phones. You should be very strict to yourself for not using the mobile phone while studying. It can distract us from various thoughts. Put your mobile phone in silent mode or hand it over to parents if you don’t have a good control on yourself.

2. Just prepare a solid plan how to focus on the important topics. Even though its a last minute preparation, we should know how much time our mind can concentrate on studies. So plan with proper short breaks for regaining your focus in your studies, if you loss focus. If you are not a good follower of planning strategies, then just go with the flow. Don’t waste your time on planning.

3. Don’t call any of your friends to know the current status of their studies. Because it has different types of impact. One is you will get tensed on the current scenario of your studies when compared with friends. Next is if the friend is lazy just like you, you will be caught up in the web and will start to think that it’s ok to slow down a little bit on studies just because you have a companion.

4. Try to solve the questions from previous exams because a teacher always asks from the important topics in the lesson. Concentrate more on the previously enquired areas and it can help you to answer any questions on that particular area.

5. Start with the easiest concepts first. Because while you study hard lessons, you will have confidence in the mind that you already finished some chapters. So you can spend more time in tough chapters without worries as you already memorized with small chapters.

6. Don’t get tensed on the results or marks. Just focus on how you will present the studied concepts perfectly in the exam.

7. Whenever you got stuck, just take a deep breath, go for a short break of coffee/tea, try to tell your mind “It’s not a Big Deal” and again start learning important points.

So to all my last-minute exam superstars, take these tips and welcome exams wholeheartedly. All the best to my readers. Fighting!